Follow these steps to secure an Admission with SSCE In Finland

Nice scholarship is here once again with a great news for those interested in Migrating to Finland via the Student Route but this time, we’re focusing on students interested in going for undergraduate programs. Before submitting your application, know these facts. There is a very big difference between Finnish Universities and Finnish Universities of Applied … Read more

Things you Must know about Studying in Sweden

fun things about studying in Sweden

The international student community in Sweden are happy as the country’s admission portal was recently opened up for September 2024 admissions. However, there are a few important facts that we feel potential students who’re looking at Sweden as a destination should know about studying in Sweden. These are facts from close observation of the current … Read more

Move to Iceland in 2024 and Study for Free

move to Iceland with free tuition

With the recent Updates from Canada and other hot targets for migrants like the United Kingdom, the resultant is a good number of potential migrants, especially international students seeking other study destinations with great benefits. This is why we’re helping make the process easier by creating useful, helpful contents to help you find the easier … Read more

List of 16 English-taught Master’s Programmes at University of Graz

Since the cost of tuition in Universities around the world’s most popular study destinations keeps soaring, international students keeps looking for destinations for English taught degrees especially those with cheaper tuition. This is why today, we’re adding a list of 16 English taught Master’s degree programmes You can enroll in as an international student! These … Read more

Cheap Portuguese Universities that Accepts HND

With Home Office’ decision to stop international students from coming into the UK with dependents except if your program is on PhD level or strictly research based, it became necessary for international students with much interest to move along with family or dependents to seek alternative routes to be able to continue their educational pursuits … Read more