6 things that Determines 50/100% Scholarship Funding in Finland

Because the Finnish educational system is one known for its high quality, it is expected that the scholarship committee would only award their funds to only deserving candidates. In this article, we’ll explore a number of strategies that can elevate your chances of securing a 50 – 100% scholarship funding in Finland.

It is important that applicants understands the type of scholarship they’re submitting applications for as there are many kinds of educational programs funded by the Finnish government. There are Merit-based, Need-based as well as specific program scholarships. having a good understanding of each of these kinds of scholarship would enable you present your application exceptionally.

6 Things that determines a 50/100% funding in Finland

Let us consider a few things that makes your application stand out, set to speak for you when you’re not there and possibly win the hearts of awarding committee towards you.

1. A Strong CGPA

One thing that convinces your financers to go ahead and invest in you as a candidate is your cumulative grade point average. the CGPA is a very strong indicator of how dedicated you are to your studies and shows you’re consistent in your academic achievements

2. A carefully written Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Crafting a highly compelling personal statement is one step towards ensuring a funding is set aside for you to study for free in Finland. This should be a statement of purpose that captivates the scholarship committee.

After grades, candidates submitting for a scholarship opening in Finland are expected to submit only a professionally crafted statement of purpose as its the next thing that speaks for you when you’re not there!

3. Correlation and relevance of your proposed course

If your first degree is STEM, it would make much sense that your work experience, first degree and proposed course are highly relevant to each other.
This shows consistency and allows you tell a great story in your statement of purpose without sounding lame.

4. Strong Letters of Recommendation

Recommendation letters provide insight into your character and capabilities. Choosing the right recommenders and guiding them effectively can significantly influence the scholarship committee’s perception of you.

5. Language Proficiency

English proficiency is a non-negotiable aspect of studying in Finland. We’ll discuss language proficiency tests, preparation strategies, and how a strong command of English can positively impact your scholarship application.

6. You have a financial need, this is why you’re seeking for funding to be able to study. But you must find a way to prove this need to the scholarship committee too.
This is an aspect that is mostly ignored when seeking for fully funded scholarships in Finland. But doing this rightly shows your future financers that their money would be used correctly.

In conclusion, securing 50-100% scholarship funding in Finland requires a strategic and holistic approach. By combining a sharp CGPA, well crafted SOP, ensuring there is a clear link between your first degree, work experience and proposed course of study, etc, you can significantly increase your chances of standing out in the competitive landscape of scholarship applications and win 50 – 100% of that scholarship funding!

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