K1 De Ultimate – Ogede

Today FujiNaija brings you another wonderful Fuji Music. This time, it’s a song titled OGEDE by K1 De Ultimate.   We all understand and recognize the powerful works done by K1 De Ultimate and regard him as a highly respected Yoruba professional musician whose works has blessed so many souls across the Yoruba speaking tribes of … Read more

How to be profitable as an artist

Image by Nidtzy1  CC BY-SA 4.0 Introduction One of the most common concerns of many artists, especially emerging ones, is how to make money from their art without having to compromise their artistic integrity or sell out. The following tips will help you to hone your craft and your business acumen, making you not only more marketable … Read more

The History of Education and the Evolution of Life

Image by Berend Lehmann Museum  CC BY-SA 4.0   Introduction Ever since humans developed the ability to think rationally, they have sought to develop their own knowledge and intellect through education, which has taken many forms over the years. These days, you can obtain a college degree, attend vocational training, or learn from your peers through experiential … Read more