Things you Must know about Studying in Sweden

The international student community in Sweden are happy as the country’s admission portal was recently opened up for September 2024 admissions. However, there are a few important facts that we feel potential students who’re looking at Sweden as a destination should know about studying in Sweden.

These are facts from close observation of the current trends and changes in educational policy in the country.

Interesting Facts About studying in Sweden

1. Jobs in Sweden pay really well: What this means for an international student is that there are a lot of good high income opportunities for you if you’re willing to study in Sweden.

2. No Age Limit to Study in Sweden: This means even when you might feel there is no opportunity for you to have a share of the numerous benefits Sweden has ready for international students, you age is not a barrier as education is open to all regardless of your age.

3. Unlimited Work Hours: If you’re a master’s degree student in Sweden, the system is designed in such a way that you can work as many hours as you wish. Just have the strength to combine your school runs and your work.

4. Family is Everything: While the UK is shutting its doors from our loved ones, Sweden is asking you to bring them along. If you’re studying for an Undergraduate degree or an MSc, Sweden allows you to come along with family

5. Healthcare & Education is free for your Kids: Since you’re allowed to bring in your family, if they’re kids, you’ll pay absolutely nothing for their education and healthcare. This is because Kids education and healthcare is free by the Swedish government!

6. Full-time work for your Spouse: Another sweet thing international students enjoy in Sweden is the fact that your spouse or dependents who are eligible to work are allowed to work full-time. This means you can have more money to support your tuition and other expenses right?

7. If your spouse is interested in studying, they’ll have to be patient till their personal number is issued.

8. For international students in Sweden, the jobs pays really well. Remember (3) above says you can work for as many hours as you can.

Challenges for International students in Sweden

In this section, we’re taking accounts of the various challenges most international students often face while studying in the country and we’re hoping this will help you plan very well!

1. Language – You must have to learn the language in order to be able to adapt and communicate effectively. In most cases, the language will make it easier for you to find a job and support yourself financially.

2. The Cold: Sweden is a cold country. There are records showing the average temperatures of 1oC if you’re in Malmo. It gets colder in Stockholm with a -2oC and as you get closer to the central cities of Östersund, Umea, expect some -6/7oC.

3. If you have no difficulty adapting, it’s just a few months to get along, but if the reverse is the case, brace yourself cos you’ll need a very longer time to adapt to the climatic changes between your home country and Sweden.

Important Tips for Intending International students

With the recent increase in minimum wage, it is important that you check if your skills are on-demand enough to meet up with the current regulations after graduation

Sweden will be highly expensive in 2024 compared to what it used to be in previous years.

Focus solely on scholarship or universities that offers scholarships and ensure to submit an application if you qualify.

Always have alternatives

Swedish immigration delays so much, ensure your threshold for patience is long enough.

Always read school website carefully before you enroll. Ensure there is a suitable Refund policy incase your visa delay causes the unexpected.

If possible, chose a university that extends your resumption if you have delays in Visa Process.

List of Swedish Universities that offers 30 -100% tuition Waiver

Lets have a list of universities that offers from 30 – 100% tuition waiver in Sweden. I know this list if going to highly appreciated by those who already made their choice to study here.

list of the universities along with their respective websites and cities:

University Website City
Karolinska Institute Karolinska Institute Stockholm
Lund University Lund University Lund
Uppsala University Uppsala University Uppsala
KTH Royal Institute of Technology KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm
University of Borås University of Borås Borås
Blekinge Institute of Technology Blekinge Institute of Technology Karlskrona
Halmstad University Halmstad University Halmstad
Linnaeus University Linnaeus University Växjö and Kalmar
Kristianstad University Kristianstad University Kristianstad
Malmö University Malmö University Malmö
Stockholm University Stockholm University Stockholm
Umeå University Umeå University Umeå
University of Skövde University of Skövde Skövde

How to Apply to a University in Sweden

All Applications starts from the Swedish University Admission Portal

Applicants are encouraged to create an account and proceed to select at least 4 universities of choice (Do this only after studying their policies as highlighted above)

For each University selected, ensure you read the country specific requirements to know what’s needed of you as an applicant.

Check courses and their requirements as this helps you know what documents to submit

Master’s degree is quite ok as it has less course work compared to BSc especially if you intend to work while studying.

Remember that education in Sweden is easier for MSc students since there are less course work. So they can work while schooling. If you’re single and going for a BSc with the intention to work while studying, ensure you check yourself properly!

It is strenuous out there as an undergraduate student.

Now that you have have the knowledge of a few Things you Must know about Studying in Sweden, we’re sending you forth to go and give your country a nice representation. Go and conquer!

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