Exposed: You can study in Austria With less than $4500

In this post you’re going to learn how to migrate to Austria as a student with as little as $4500. if you’ve been having issues with securing enough funds to enroll in other countries, then this post is a must for you cos whatever guide you receive from is both true and effective!

How to Migrate to Austria with Less than $4500

First steps to enjoying a cheap tuition in Austria is knowing where to look. Below is a list of 11 Universities that has very cheap tuition in Austria!

You can study BSc and Masters in Austria in the following universities and these are their tuition charges.

1: University of Vienna (Tuition Fees: EUR 20 ~ EUR 750 Per Semester)

2:University of Salzburg (Tuition Fees: EUR 750 per semester)

3:University of Applied Arts Vienna (Tuition Fees: EUR 750 Per Semester)

4:FH Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences: (Graduate Tuition Fees: EUR 20.70 Per Semester)

5: TU Wien Graduate (Tuition Fees: EUR 750 Same fee for the rest of the universities below)

6:University of klagenfurt (Tuition Reimbursement)

7: University of Graz

8:University of Innsbruck (Accepts HND and 2:2)

9: Fh Joanneum Graz

10: Vienna University of Economics and Business (can apply without legalized docs)

11: Paris Lodron University Salzburg (No legalization needed before admission)

How to Apply to Any of the Cheap Schools in Austria

It is advisable that Applicants first of all legalize their documents.
Austria embassy legalization portal should be where you will be “sleeping” by continuously refreshing it every midnight by 10pm to 2am . to see if you can book appointment.

Austria Embassy Legalization Portal Link

Once you have secured appointment date then you have to start gathering your documents to apply.

You need to first go to the Ministry of education to authenticate your academic documents and get English proficiency letter from there.

Then you go to ministry of foreign affairs to also authenticate the academic and other documents. Once this is done. You will take your documents to the embassy for legalization.

It is extremely important that you have the right and legit document because Austria hires lawyer to go to where you got your documents including courts to ask the legitimacy of these documents.

Emphasis should be on your age declaration.

List of Documents needed to Study in Austria

Here are the list of documents you need.
1: Intl Passport
2: Eligibility Letter that you will collect from the ministry of education.
3: Academic transcripts (From your alma meta)
4: High school results (WEAC)
5: Degree certificates (BSc , OND+ HND, Masters)
6: Age declaration (This should be sworn at the high court by one of your parents or guardian. NOT YOUR SPOUSE)
7: NPC certificate . National Population
8: Marriage certificate (If you’re married)

What are the documents you will need to get into university

1: Education certificates and results/transcripts
2; Recommendation letter
3: Motivation letter
4: Academic CV

Once you get admission, you will now start your study permit application.

Documents Required for Austria Study Permit Process

What are the documents you need to start your study permit Application Process? Let’s see a list of 8 Documents you’ll need for this permit! Please understand that you already have most of them from sections before this!

1: Correct and complete filled application form
2: Passport data page (original and photocopy)
3: 3 current passport photographs
4: Police Character Certificate
5: Accommodation
6: 3-month accident insurance policy
7: 6 Months Statement
8: Acceptance letter

Money Required to Move to Austria as a Student

1: Tuition about 768 euro
2: Verification at Austrian embassy: 200k naira
3: Legalization about $80 per doc
4: Insurance for study permit about $150
5: Authentication about $150k naira
6: accommodation deposit . about 800k naira
7: police report about 50k naira.
8: Study permit payment etc.

How Much is Proof of Funds for Austrian Student ?

This is one part of the process that gets very sensitive but as long as Austria is your target, you need not worry. The Proof of funds required is just €12,000 and applicants can use sponsor but sponsor will have to send the money in your account.

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