Follow these steps to secure an Admission with SSCE In Finland

Nice scholarship is here once again with a great news for those interested in Migrating to Finland via the Student Route but this time, we’re focusing on students interested in going for undergraduate programs.

Before submitting your application, know these facts.

There is a very big difference between Finnish Universities and Finnish Universities of Applied sciences (UAS)

Finnish University vs Universities of Applied Sciences

1. The major difference between both types of universities is that Universities of Applied science is a major and most successful target for applicants with High School certificate.

2. Universities of Applies sciences are way cheaper than regular universities

3. a University of applied science would in most cases offer tuition discount up to 50%.

4. To be successfully admitted into a University of Applied sciences, applicants are often required to write some kind of entry examination and this is regrdless of your age or background and the nature of this examination depends on your chosen course.

5. Just 1 entrance examination written by applicants qualifies them to choose up to 6 universities or universities of applied science.

Do i Need Language Tests to apply for Finland Admission?

In 2024, majority of Finnish universities are requiring applicants to submit Language tests. This means you may have to write IELTS and attach your results while submitting an application.

How to Apply for a Study Program In Finland

In order to successfully apply to study in Finland, applicants are advised to visit the Finland Study info Link

On the website, you can select your program by clicking on any available programs on the page as shown below

You can also apply by directly following the direct link of your chosen Institution of study as listed below! Just click on the corresponding Application link and you’ll be ushered to the application page!

List of Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland

Below is a list of 22 Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland (UAS). These are universities with a good number of courses. They also offer some 50% Discount on tuition and currently accepting application from qualified International students.

S/N University Application Link
1 Lapland University of Applied sciences
2 Oulu University of Applied Sciences
3 Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
4 Centria University of Applied sciences
5 Novia University of Applied Sciences
6 Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
7 Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences SeAMK
8 Savonia University of Applied Sciences
9 Karelia University of Applied Sciences
10 JAMK University of Applied Sciences
11 Satakunta University of Applied Sciences SAMK
12 TAMK University of Applied Sciences
13 LAB University of Applied Sciences
14 South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK
15 Turku University of Applied Sciences
16 Laurea University of Applied Sciences
17 Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
18 Humak University of Applied Sciences
19 Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
20 Arcada University of Applied Sciences
21 Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
22 Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK


Documents Required to study In Finland 2024

Below is a list of documents required from all intending international Students

2. Proof of Funds – A duly signed statement of proof of funds from your financial institution showing that you’re financially able to support yourself during the course of your study in Finland.
3. Transcripts – This shows your study history and grades as well. For candidates applying with West African Senior School Certificates (WASSCE), a scratch card would be required to enable admission committee confirm the authenticity of your credentials.
4. International Passport – This is a very important document. It must be valid for at least 6 months by the time you submit your application.
5. Copy of criminal record certificate –  It is important to know the next immigrant looking at schooling in Finland is of good character. Obtain this from your local police station
6. Medical insurance
7. Housing certificate submitted within two weeks of arrival
8. Application for a residence permit
9. Unconditional Admission Letter
10. Travel Insurance (12 months for Schengen)
11. Passport photograph (Not older than 90 days)
12. Receipt for the payment of the student permit application fee

Tuition Fees in Finland

Pay attention to the Tuition requirements of every school you submit application for. If possible, ensure these institutions are able to offer some discounts. Look out for Refund policies in order not to lose your money in the case of eventualities.

Whatever you have written as tuition must reflect in the receipt you present to the Visa officer. So ensure you read thoroughly!

Now that you’re done submitting your application, we wish you good luck and also hope you receive a very juicy offer to enable you pursue your academic journey with great success!

Good luck!

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