Cheap Portuguese Universities that Accepts HND

With Home Office’ decision to stop international students from coming into the UK with dependents except if your program is on PhD level or strictly research based, it became necessary for international students with much interest to move along with family or dependents to seek alternative routes to be able to continue their educational pursuits while sharing the moment with their loved ones.

Based on the above, those that cannot afford Canada’s high and costly tuition as seeking for cheap institutions around the world to be able to continue their studies and if possible, contribute positively to the local economy where they find themselves.

Nice Scholarship felt the need to help interested International students find Cheap alternatives around the world and this time, our pointer dropped on Portugal. Below is a list of cheap Universities in Portugal that accepting HND

Universities Accepting HND in Portugal

Below is a list of 6 Universities you could apply to study in Portugal. The sweet and interesting thing about these institutions is that some allow you pay on installment basis and yes, they’ll also accept Higher National Diploma if you’re a Nigerian

University Tuition (Euros) Additional Information
Politecnico de Leiria 1,800 and above IELTS NOT REQUIRED
University of Minho 2,000 and above IELTS NOT REQUIRED
University of Algarve 2,000 and above IELTS NOT REQUIRED
University of Coimbra 2,750 and above IELTS NOT REQUIRED
University of Porto 2,000 and above IELTS NOT REQUIRED
University of Evora 2,500 Accepts installment payments

Now, let’s talk about the importance of studying in each of these universities and the benefits for international students.

Importance and Benefits of Studying in Portuguese Universities

Aside from the fact that these universities are located within the EU’s Schengen county which allows you travel over 25 European Countries Visa free as an International student, there are other perks and benefits you’ll only find in Portugal!

Importance and Benefits of studying in Politecnico de Leiria

Importance: Known for its strong emphasis on practical skills and applied research, Politecnico de Leiria provides a hands-on learning experience.

Benefits: Affordable tuition, diverse programs, and a focus on practical knowledge make it an attractive option for international students seeking quality education.

Importance and Benefits of studying in the University of Minho

Importance: A reputable institution with a strong commitment to research and innovation, the University of Minho is recognized for its academic excellence.

Benefits: International students can benefit from a vibrant academic environment, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a rich cultural experience in the historic city of Braga.

Importance and Benefits of Studying in the University of Algarve

Importance: Situated in the beautiful Algarve region, the University of Algarve is known for its strong ties to industries, offering programs that align with market needs.

Benefits: International students can enjoy a high-quality education, a multicultural atmosphere, and a location known for its stunning landscapes and tourism industry.

Importance and Benefits of Studying in the University of Coimbra

Importance: One of the oldest universities in Europe, the University of Coimbra has a rich history and a strong academic reputation, particularly in the humanities and sciences.

Benefits: International students can immerse themselves in a culturally rich environment, access world-class faculty, and benefit from the university’s historic significance.

Importance and Benefits of Studying in the University of Porto

Importance: As a leading research institution, the University of Porto is recognized for its contributions to various fields and its commitment to innovation.

Benefits: International students can engage in cutting-edge research, experience a vibrant student life, and benefit from a strong network of alumni in diverse industries.

Importance and Benefits of Studying in the University of Evora

Importance: The University of Evora combines a rich historical background with modern facilities, offering a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Benefits: For international students, the flexibility of installment payments eases financial burdens. The university’s emphasis on a balanced education and historical setting provides a distinctive academic experience.

In summary, these universities in Portugal offer a range of benefits for international students, including affordable tuition, diverse academic programs, research opportunities, cultural experiences, and, in some cases, flexible payment options. Students can choose a university based on their academic interests, preferred location, and the overall experience they seek during their studies in Portugal.

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