Move to Iceland in 2024 and Study for Free

With the recent Updates from Canada and other hot targets for migrants like the United Kingdom, the resultant is a good number of potential migrants, especially international students seeking other study destinations with great benefits. This is why we’re helping make the process easier by creating useful, helpful contents to help you find the easier routes to the better parts of the world.

Today we’re bringing to your notice that it is really easy to move to Iceland in 2024 with free Education and yes, you can migrate with your family if any! You’ll find all you can to to be able to Move to Iceland in 2024 and Study for Free in this article!

Benefits of Studying in Iceland

This is a list of benefits for international students who successfully moves to Iceland for study in 2024 and beyond

1. There is no Age limit for BSc programs
2. No Tuition Required
3. 25hrs Work per week
4. Salary Range €800 – €2500 (Depends on your skills and type of job)
5. Getting a job takes from a week to about 3 months
6. Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is 3 Years
7. You can move around 25 other countries within the Schengen area!

Documents Required to migrate to Iceland for studies

Let’s list out the various documents an international student must have before applying to study in Iceland. These documents are necessary for you to be able to Move to Iceland in 2024 and Study for Free!

Copy of criminal record certificate
Medical insurance
Housing certificate submitted within two weeks of arrival
Application for a residence permit
Unconditional Admission Letter
Travel Insurance (12 months for Schengen)
Passport photograph (Not older than 90 days)
International Passport (at least 6 months valid)
Receipt for the payment of the student permit application fee

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Proof of Funds for Iceland Student Visa

Iceland is a country with a relatively high cost of living, international student who are single and willing to study in the country are required to have at least €1470 for their monthly expenses while couples must have some €1925 living expenses per month.

On successful admission, candidates are required to provide a proof of funds that covers their 12 months stay in Iceland.

For singles (Those who are not married), this would be €1470 x 12 (€17,640)

For couples (Students who are coming with spouse) this would be €1925 x 12 (€23,100)

How to apply for University of Iceland Bachelor’s Degree

Because the application window is very short, applicants are encouraged to ensure their documents are handy as only candidates who submit their documentations before deadline will be shortlisted for the next stage.

Also understand that some universities within Iceland will not admit you based on your High school Certificate.

This means you must have some diploma to attach to your application in order to be considered for admission.

1. Start by visiting the University of Iceland Undergraduate studies Portal.

2. Pick any course that is of interest to you and complete your registration

3. Attach all necessary documents

How to Apply for Master’s Degree studies at University of Iceland

1. Visit the University of Iceland Graduate school portal
2. Pick a course that correlates with your current degree

3. Upload all required documents as listed above

and continue from there

Can i Apply to Study in Iceland with a Low CGPA?

Yes, but if you’re applying to a university within Iceland with a low CGPA, It is recommended you go for BSc programs as this gives a greater chances at admission based on the fact that you already have previous knowledge of the course.

MSc Programs are 2 years
BSc programs are 3 years long

List of free Tuition Universities in Iceland

Below is a list of universities in Iceland where students are not required to pay a dime as tuition fees.

International students are only required to pay about $500 for administrative fees and this allows them study any course of their choice in Iceland!

University of Iceland
University of Akureyri
Holar University of College
Agricultural University of Iceland

Conclusion: It is very possible to Move to Iceland in 2024 and Study for Free. It should open you up to the European society and allow you tour around 20 or more other countries within the EU, Plan your self, earn some income and acquire an international knowledge from world’s most intelligent teachers!

All you have to do is start Now!

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