List of cheap European Countries to Study in with Less than $10,000

Embarking on a journey of higher education in the European Union need not be a financial challenge. For African students with limited budgets, there are several economically feasible options waiting to be explored. In this guide, we present a carefully curated list of European countries that offer quality education without breaking the bank, ensuring a fulfilling academic experience within a budget of less than 10 thousand Dollars.

Why Would You Need $10,000 To study?

You’ll need that because you’re an international student coming from outside the EU (European Union). Students who are citizens of European Union Countries are often allowed to study for free within the EU Zone while those coming from outside the EU (Asia, Africa, etc) are required to pay higher tuition fees to study!

Why is this Post Important for International Students?

It is very important for everyone with a will, strength and vigor to be able to find good learning institutions to enroll in and enjoy quality education without needing to be riddled with so much debts and the worries that goes along with it. So if your budget is less than 10,000 Dollars, the EU Countries below would be a nice fit for you.

This is the reason why we’re listing out affordable European countries with cheap educational costs for international students to select from.

1. Austria

Austria, with its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, stands out as an excellent choice for budget-conscious students. With many programs offered in English, affordable tuition fees, and a reasonable cost of living, Austria provides an ideal setting for academic growth amidst stunning surroundings.

2. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, boasting historic cities and a vibrant culture, offers quality education at economical prices. English-taught programs, low tuition fees, and a lower cost of living compared to Western Europe make it an attractive destination for students seeking academic excellence without financial strain.

3. Portugal

Portugal, with its warm climate and diverse landscapes, provides a unique blend of affordability and high-quality education. English-taught programs, coupled with a reasonable cost of living, make Portugal an enticing option for students looking for an enriching academic journey without breaking the bank.

4. Spain

Spain, with its vibrant culture and diverse cities, offers a plethora of English-taught programs at affordable prices. From the lively streets of Barcelona to the historic charm of Madrid, students can immerse themselves in Spanish culture without compromising on their budget.

5. Slovakia

Slovakia, often overlooked but rich in culture and history, provides an affordable yet high-quality education. With low tuition fees and a lower cost of living, this Eastern European gem promises students a unique academic experience in a welcoming environment.

6. Luxembourg

Despite its small size, Luxembourg stands out for its high standard of living and quality education. English-taught programs, combined with a multicultural atmosphere, offer students a unique opportunity to study in a dynamic and economically stable environment.

7. Belgium

Belgium, known for its multicultural cities and international atmosphere, provides a range of English-taught programs at reasonable costs. With its central location in Europe, students can explore diverse cultures while pursuing their academic goals within a budget-friendly framework.

8. Finland

Finland, renowned for its excellent education system, offers English-taught programs at affordable rates. With a unique approach to teaching and a high standard of living, students can experience the Nordic way of life without compromising on their budget.

9. Estonia

For students interested in cutting-edge technology and innovation, Estonia is an excellent choice. With affordable tuition fees and a moderate cost of living, Estonia combines academic excellence with a dynamic and tech-savvy environment.

10. Latvia

Latvia, part of the Baltic region, offers a cost-effective yet high-quality education. With English-taught programs and a reasonable cost of living, students can explore the beauty of the Baltic states while pursuing their academic aspirations.

11. Italy

Italy, with its rich history and cultural treasures, provides a diverse range of English-taught programs at reasonable costs. From the historic streets of Rome to the artistic allure of Florence, students can indulge in the Italian way of life without straining their budget.

12. Poland

Poland, with its welcoming atmosphere and affordable education, is an increasingly popular choice for international students. Low tuition fees and a moderate cost of living make it an attractive option for those seeking a European education without a hefty price tag.

13. Mauritius

Mauritius, although not in the European Union, offers programs affiliated with European universities. With its stunning landscapes and English-language programs, this island paradise provides an alternative pathway for students seeking European-style education on a budget.

Benefits of Studying in Cheap European Countries

Aside from the obvious, the countries highlighted above are located within the Schengen area.

  • This means that while studying, you’re free to tour more than 25 other countries as an International student (Personally, i had a lot of fun staring at the Eiffel tower, the large ships sailing between Italy and Malta (*Whispering** “Malta is beautiful too)
  • Also, after your studies, you stand a greater chance to live and enjoy life in one of the most progressive continents of the world with nothing stopping you.
  • Remember that Europe is home to a lot of innovative hubs, research facilities and technologies. So this is a great chance to really see the world at its best isn’t it?
  • Another important benefit is that you’re allowed to work up to a certain number of hours as stipulated by your visa, but this limit gets off when you’re on holidays as you can work without limits at such times!


These European countries offer not only affordable education but also a rich cultural experience. By choosing one of these budget-friendly destinations, African students can turn their dreams of studying in Europe into a reality, all within a reasonable budget. Explore, learn, and thrive in these diverse and economically feasible European nations!

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