Cheap Portuguese Universities that Accepts HND

With Home Office’ decision to stop international students from coming into the UK with dependents except if your program is on PhD level or strictly research based, it became necessary for international students with much interest to move along with family or dependents to seek alternative routes to be able to continue their educational pursuits … Read more

How to Convert HND to BEng In Nigeria

learn how to easily convert HND to a Bachelors degree

There has been a lot of calls and questions from readers asking how to convert a Higher National Diploma (HND) to a bachelors degree in engineering (BEng) and this we shall be giving a thorough attention in this article. We already know Higher National Diplomas are issued to graduates after obtaining a National Diploma, Under … Read more

What is the Rank of HND holder in Nigeria Navy?

what is the rank of hnd holder in nigeria navy

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is issued to a Graduate from any of the Polytechnics in Nigeria who after Obtaining a National Diploma (ND)+ work experience, proceeded to study for another 2 years! The 2 year study is usually at a more advanced level and helps them master the training! So in total, A HND … Read more

Question: What will be the next Degree after HND?

after hnd what is the next degree

This is a very simple question with multidimensional answers. But to be frank, I’d expect people to answer this question after considering a few things like; After obtaining a Higher national diploma in Nigeria your next degree depends on; 1. What you want to do If you studied Engineering course and would like to be … Read more