HND: 5 Combinations that Guarantees US Scholarship Admissions

If you’re a Nigerian Graduate with a Higher National Diploma (HND), seeking for fully or partially funded scholarship in the United states, then this is a page for you. On this page is a list of items you must have in your arsenal when applying for scholarships in the United States.

Why this Article is Important for you!

You’re seeking admission in one or more Universities in the United States but you Have just a Higher national Diploma which makes it a bit difficult since more universities won’t readily accept it.

We’re through this post, highlighting a few things you must make ready before applying as Decision makers would only consider your application when they realize you’ve gained quality experience in your field of study!

5 Things to Help you Secure A Scholarship in the US

We’ll now make a list of these important things that increases your chances as a HND holder. Remember the sole reason why you’ll need these things is because your qualification is considered a little lower than the regular Bsc or B.Eng. So having these 5 extra things makes you ready, suitable and more qualified even more than those with a regular Degree!

1. WES evaluation

World Educational Service is an educational initiative that exists in order to evaluate certificates from other countries and make it easy for institutions in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United State, Netherland, etc to be able to know exactly what your certificate is equivalent to.

The Certification you’ll receive after evaluating your Higher National Diploma is very important as it’ll enable the Scholarship committee understand your current qualification and award you the scholarship if they feel satisfied!

2. Graduate Record Examination

GRE is an acronym for Graduate Record Examination, and it is a standardized test that is used for admissions into graduate and business school programs. The GRE is developed and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Every scholarship scheme that requires a GRE usually has a target score for all participating candidates and when you meet the target score, you are added into the list of qualified applicants. So it will be important to consider getting a very nice GRE score before applying for an American Scholarship!

3. Work experience

As a HND Holder, the one thing that makes you stand out among other scholarship candidates is the ability to demonstrate with proof that you have gained meaningful employment in your field.

This means that before applying for a scholarship offer in the US, you’re required to have at least a 1 year full employment in your field.

If you studied Civil Engineering Technology, you are expected to have worked in one engineering firm and gained useful experience.

The best way to demonstrate this would be by attaching a recommendation letter from the institution where you worked!

4. Research Experience

A Research Experience is yet another important factor that makes you stand out. Having a Research experience proofs to the scholarship committee that you are special in 5 different ways:

Committed to Excellence: It is important that scholarships are awarded to candidates who has a known track record in their field of study. Research experience helps you demonstrate this as it shows you’re willing to go that extra mile just to achieve your goals.

Aside from its ability to show that your are Committed to Excellence, a research Experience also shows that you are able to collaborate and team-oriented!

The other benefits of research experience is that it shows you are Motivated and driven, Independent and self-directed, capable of learning new skills

Let’s see from below, how having a Volunteering experience can help you stand at a more advantage when applying for US Scholarships

5. Volunteering experience

Volunteering Experience is one item that helps you stand out especially in the world where a lot of countries has been affected by one economic, socio-cultural, environmental stuff or the other.

Volunteering Experience is important for you as a scholarship candidate because it:

  • It demonstrates your commitment to your community and to making a difference in the world
  • It shows that you have the skills and abilities that scholarship committees are looking for
  • It gives you a unique story to tell
  • It can help you connect with scholarship donors

Aside these, Scholarship applicants are encouraged to ensure their grades is high too. Most scholarship Donors are attracted to students with very good grades as this is one characteristic of success – bringing you closer to the big boys!

Before you go…

Take note of these 5 items highlighted above as recent research has shown that they’re the very key things that makes a lot of people successful when applying for scholarships in the United States! Remember, scholarship committees are humans like you too, it is only normal for people that has worked hard to receive accolades!

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