What is the Rank of HND holder in Nigeria Navy?

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is issued to a Graduate from any of the Polytechnics in Nigeria who after Obtaining a National Diploma (ND)+ work experience, proceeded to study for another 2 years!

The 2 year study is usually at a more advanced level and helps them master the training!

So in total, A HND Holder usually spends at least 2 year studying a particular course.

The Aim of this post is to help our readers understand what Rank HND Holders are given as soon as they’re recruited into the Nigerian Navy.

The Ranking System in Nigerian Navy

The ranking system in the Nigerian Navy is quite straight-forward. This is because there is no Dichotomy between HND and BSc Holders. Both are considered Graduates and attain the same entry level.

what is the rank of hnd holder in nigeria navy
Corresponding Ranking table for Nigerian Armed Forces

I think this is one of the most interesting thing about Joining one of the most Powerful Navies in West Africa!

It is important to understand that in the Nigerian navy, there are commissioned as well as non commissioned officers.

Differences Between Commissioned and Non Commissioned Officers in Nigerian Navy

The difference between these class of officers is that the commissioned officers are those enlisting into the Nigerian army after some level of education, usually a BSc, BEng or HND while Non Commissioned officers are Recruits who probably joined the Nigerian navy with their SSCE results.

Another set of difference is that those with SSCE are known as Recruits or Soldiers while those with degrees are known as Officers.

The recruits receive training from officers while Officers are the superiors to the Recruits.
What Will My Rank Be After Joining the Navy with HND?

After your HND, you’re going for a 1 year compulsory NYSC training after which you can enlist as a Commissioned officer.

In the Nigerian Navy, your Rank as a HND holder Sub-Lieutenant Officer 

The Sub-Lieutenant is the most basic as a Commissioned officer and from that, you get to grow up the ranks as your promotion would usually come after 4 years.

Can HND Holder Join Nigeria Navy after 5 Years of Graduation?

Well, this would depend on the age requirements specified by the Hiring officers of the Nigerian Navy.

Usually, Invitations are sent for Nigerians who are at most 24 years old at the point of submitting their application.

Following this, a HND holder might have become overaged after 5 years of graduation and so no longer suitable to enlist as a Commissioned officer in the Nigerian Navy.

Joining the Nigerian Navy with HND?

One of the many things you’d enjoy once you enlist will be the way and manner everybody understands their position and works hard to stay in line as at when due! It is quite an experience!


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