26 American Universities that Accepts HND Without WES Evaluation

One of the things that challenges graduates with Higher National Diploma from exploring scholarship opportunities around the world, especially those with keen interest in the United States of America is the request for a WES evaluation.

Aside from WES evaluation, other requests such as GRE, IELTS and Application fees also acts as stumbling blocks and this is because sometimes, most of these institutions of interest makes these compulsory and so, for a struggling HND holder in a country like Nigeria where minimum wage is the normal regardless of how long you’ve worked or how dedicated you are , it’s hard affording these and this is why many might decide to focus their search for only American universities that accepts interested applicants without WES evaluation.

WES evaluation is an initiative by World Education Service that helps to harmonize your Credentials with its foreign equivalent and has continually been a must for anyone from most African country seeking to study in other countries like the US, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.

Why is it important to know Universities that Accept HND without WES Evaluation?

Knowing the universities would help you as an applicant focus only on the institutions that has a higher chances of accepting your current qualifications without stressing you.

It is important cos WES evaluation takes a lot of time.

The evaluation is also costly for most applicants especially as some earn very little.

Top 26 American Universities that accept HND with or without WES evaluation.

1. Murray State University
2. University of Louisville
3. Kentucky State University
4. University of North Carolina, Charlotte
5. Vanderbilt University
6. Tufts University
7. Wesleyan University
8. Lehigh University
9. University of Wiscon
10. Northern Illinois University
11. Eastern Illinois University
12. West Virginia University
13. Minnesota State University
14. Jacksonville State University
15. Montclair state university
16. California State University, (Sacramento, Fresno and Ponoma.
17. University of California Merced
18. University of Southern California
19. Georgia Southern University
20. South Carolina University
21. Western Illinois University
22. Western Kentucky University
23. University of Kentucky
24. University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
25. Georgia State University
26. Purdue University West Lafayette.

What you can do after Reading this Article

Prepare yourself, ensure your international passport, Transcripts and other Documents necessary for your international Post Graduate applications are ready. Then apply to one or more of these institutions.

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