Question: What will be the next Degree after HND?

This is a very simple question with multidimensional answers. But to be frank, I’d expect people to answer this question after considering a few things like;
After obtaining a Higher national diploma in Nigeria your next degree depends on;

1. What you want to do

If you studied Engineering course and would like to be duly registered as a practicing Engineer with COREN and MNSE membership, then you’ll have to proceed to a university that can admit you into a 300 or 400L.

Such admission will require you to study for an additional 2 or 1 years after which you’ll obtain a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
Now this is for you if you’re interested in becoming an engineer or obtaining a Bachelors degree.

2. Post Graduate Diploma Option

After your NYSC, you’re eligible to obtain another degree after your Higher National Diploma.

Post graduate diploma or PGD is a 1 or 2 years post graduate program that prepares you for a Master’s degree.

So after your HND, your next degree could be a PGD or Post Graduate Diploma.

3. Traveling Abroad for an MSc Program.

After a Higher National Diploma, your next degree could be Masters Degree but this would require you to seek admission in one of UK universities like University of Bolton.

Of course this would mean relocating abroad and studying for an average of 12 – 18 months after which you’ll be awarded a Master’s degree in any construction related discipline like Project Management or Construction Project Management.

4. Forget About Degrees and Develop your Skills.

In life, it’s really not all about Degrees. We live in a country where people without degrees are earning well, the Igbo youths that underwent apprenticeship and ensured till after 7 years are settled, become bosses and begin to employ graduates as accountants and managers.

So rather than worrying about the next Degree, why not pick any of the trending skills and build on it?

There are several hot selling skills to build on. We have plumbing, welding, electrical engineering, Fashion design, Computer Aided design, Product design, Computer programming, etc.

So what’s the next degree after HND?

I’m sure you’re going to be able to decide based on the suggestions given above. Be very ready to make further research as there are more things you could do than the scope of this article could cover.

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