30 American Universities that Accepts 2:2, 3rd Class and HND Holders

There are more than 5 major reasons why a lot of universities feels so reluctant to accept your application as a HND Holder. These reasons will be highlighted below this page but we are finally going to help you apply for a Post Graduate study even with a 2nd class Lower, 3rd class degrees or a Higher National Diploma!

Why is this list Important for International Students?

If you are in any of the categories mentioned above (Graduated with a 2:2, 3rd Class or HND), this list is important because it helps you focus your energy and resources on universities that has the higher chances of offering you an admission rather than casting your nets on any water.

This means you’ll not need to waste your Application fees, it means you won’t waste time expecting admission that won’t be offered you too!

The list of American Universities that accepts 2:2, 3RD class Degrees and HND is important especially as many of these institutions offers you some funding.

Funding is usually in the form of Graduate Assistantship where you also contribute to the community by Teaching or other stuffs as specified in your terms of admission.

List of 30 American Universities that Accepts 2nd, 3rd Class, and HND

These universities usually have funding available in the form of Graduate Assistantship

1. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, MA umassd.edu

2. University of Missouri-St. Louis, MO umsl.edu

3. West Texas A&M University, TX wtamu.edu

4. Wichita State University, KS wichita.edu

5. University of South Dakota, SD usd.edu

6. University of Hawaii at Mānoa, HI manoa.hawaii.edu

7. Western Washington University, WA wwu.edu/majors

8. Western Illinois University wiu.edu/academics/

9. University of Central Missouri, MO ucmo.edu/future-student

10. Virginia University-Lynchburg, VA vul.edu

11. Full Sail University, FL fullsail.edu/degrees

12. University of Vermont, VT uvm.edu

13. Georgia State University, GA gsu.edu

14. Jacksonville State University, AL jsu.edu/admissions/ind

15. University of Central Florida, FL ucf.edu/admissions/

16. Albany State University Golden Rams, GA asurams.edu

17. University of Maine, ME go.umaine.edu

18. Georgia Institute of Technology gatech.edu/academics/all-

19. University of Minnesota Duluth, MN academics.d.umn.edu

20. Central Michigan University, MI cmich.edu/admissions-aid

21. Southern New Hampshire University, NH snhu.edu/admission

22. Texas A&M University, TX tamu.edu/admissions/ind

23. University of North Carolina Charlotte, NC charlotte.edu/academics

24. University of Memphis, TN memphis.edu

25. North Dakota State University: NDSU, ND ndsu.edu/admission

26. Auburn University at Montgomery, AL aum.edu/graduate-admis

27. University of Houston-Clear Lake uhcl.edu/academics/degr

28. Texas A&M University – Kingsville, TX tamuk.edu/enrollment-man

29. Fort Hays State University fhsu.edu/admissions/

30. University of South Carolina, SC

4 Reasons why Universities refuse HND Applicants

It is important to add this part of the content so that applicants can understand the reasons why their applications for Post Graduate studies with HND is often rejected by the institutions.

Different curriculum: HND programs typically have a more vocational focus than university degrees, and the curriculum may not be as rigorous or comprehensive. This can make it difficult for HND graduates to transition to university-level coursework.

Lack of research experience: HND programs typically do not require students to conduct original research, while university degrees often do. This lack of research experience can make it difficult for HND graduates to compete with university graduates for research-based graduate programs.

Lower entry requirements: HND entry requirements are typically lower than university degree entry requirements. This can lead to concerns that HND graduates are not academically prepared for university-level coursework.

Lack of brand recognition: HNDs are not as well-known or respected as university degrees in some countries. This can make it difficult for HND graduates to get jobs or admissions to graduate programs.

It is important to note that not all universities refuse to accept HND graduates. Some universities have bridging programs that can help HND graduates transition to university-level coursework. Additionally, some universities have developed specific pathways for HND graduates to enter graduate programs.

Based on the reasons stated above, applicants with HND Qualification are urged to research to understand the specific requirements of the institutions you’re interested in.

Another Valid move is to reach out to the admission office to find out by discussing your qualifications to be best prepared for the coursework.

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