Key Differences Between Nice Scholarship and Nice foundation scholarship

For sometime now, we’ve noticed a lot of people keeps mistaking Nice scholarship offers for Nice scholarship foundation and today we’re here to clear the air on this subject matter cos there is a huge difference between these 2.

While making this clearer, we’re going to be understanding a few things about them as well as how they’re going to impact the lives of successful candidates.

But then, do not get us wrong cos Both Nice Scholarship and Nice Scholarship Foundation are very nice things. One just describes the entire gesture while the other is the a nice gesture strictly focused on students from a certain part of the globe.

What is Nice Scholarship Foundation?

This is an Indian Focused Scholarship program also known as the National Scholarship Examination that was established to identify and support talented Indian students by making it easy for them to have much needed finance for their studies.

A Nice Scholarship on the other hand is broad in the sense that it is used to describe a kind of grant, financial support or aid that helps to drastically reduce the effects of finances on a student.

  • While Nice scholarship foundation focuses on young talented Indian students, it offers from 10,000 to 15,000 while a nice scholarship is a global and can be offered to only highly qualified students who meet a certain criteria.
  • Another difference between Nice scholarship and Nice scholarship foundation is that a Nice scholarship can take a student from India to other parts of the globe, while Nice Scholarship foundation is an initiative by the Indian Government to support talented and high performing students within India.
  • In a broader sense, Nice scholarships often goes beyond financial assistance as they introduce some form of Networking and Mentorship to successful candidates which helps mold and guide them, as well as ensure their growth in their chosen field is achieved too!
  • There are many Nice scholarship programs that offers Financial Assistance, Networking and Mentorship to successful candidates, While this content is not focused on that, it’ll be very beneficial to successful candidates:

We have the likes of The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation which is very generous at financing students, helping them find useful network in their chosen field as well as mentoring them into becoming great figures of authority in it.

Another good Nice scholarship opportunity with great networking and mentorship option would be the Posse Foundation which has the style of always scouting for high-achieving students from urban high schools, later sends them to partner colleges and universities with strong support systems like peer groups, mentors and Alumni Networks.

Now that we know how to clearly differentiate a nice scholarship from Nice foundation scholarship, let us see a few things students can possibly do to secure a good scholarship offering.

3 Keys to Receiving a Nice Scholarship 

If you’re a student still hoping to receive a nice scholarship awards in the future, don’t give up on the dream. But while holding on to that amazing dream, try as much as possible to include the following in your shelves.

  • Network with Current Scholarship Recipients

There is an A saying that Iron sharpens iron. While you’re yet to get sharpened with some nice scholarship offering, ensure you top friends are sharp in what you chase and this would help point you the right way towards your targets.

  • Read Descriptions Properly

It is important that you spend a considerable amount of time reading and digesting the descriptions for every scholarship you apply. Always make it a duty to look out for words like mentorship, networking or professional development as these are essential ingredients that makes it super.

  • Always Ask

When you’re new in a block, it’ll be very easier to find things when you know how to ask questions. If you’re not so if a scholarship you’re interested in offers mentorship and networking, do well to ask questions and direct this to the program administrator.

In conclusion, we’re hoping you succeed in your quest to receiving the next big nice scholarship. If you’re a school kid in India, do everything you can to receive the Nice Foundation scholarship. This could be by ensuring you smash the scores at the National Scholarship Examinations. Having read the Key Differences Between Nice Scholarship and Nice foundation scholarship, it is expected that you focus on the one that best suits you based on where you’re from.

Good Luck

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