These 44 American Universities Will Offer Scholarship when you Study Specific Courses

There are always amazing things you stand to enjoy as an International student who have successfully made the United States a Study destination. One of these great things is the availability of funding to study!

Truth is, no matter what you’ve heard, the United States remains a country that really has so much money to spend on anyone willing to study, research and make life easier for the people and this is why on this post, we’re sharing a list of American Universities that would offer you fully-funded scholarship when you study the courses below!

You’re also going to be able to find the name of courses, the Educational Level as well as the Entry Requirements!

Why is this Page Important?

Author is using this medium to reach out to other international students who find themselves really qualified for these programs but in most cases, the financial burden is often much!

Knowing the institutions that are interested in helping you achieve your educational dreams is key as it’ll help you stop wasting time and resources applying to institutions that might not have anything to offer you!

44 Universities Offering Scholarship for Specific Courses

The list below has a link to the university websites, tells interested applicants the program, entry Qualification as well as Application fees. Nice Scholarship remains an initiative by a scholar to help people find credible information about education, scholarships, etc.

Quickly click on the corresponding link to the university website and begin your Application from there.

University Program Entry Qualifications Application Fee
University of Notre Dame PhD Chemistry Not specified Not specified
Oregon State University MS Statistics GRE, IELTS Not specified
University of Cincinnati PhD Philosophy Not specified Not specified
New Mexico State University MSc in Family and Consumer Science TOEFL Not specified
Georgia State University MS in Biology No GRE, No IELTS/TOEFL, No WES Not specified
Georgia State University MBA Business Analytics GRE Not specified
North Carolina State University PhD Chemical Engineering Not specified Not specified
University of Georgia PhD Engineering Education Not specified Not specified
North Dakota State University PhD Chemistry GRE, WES Not specified
University of Kansas PhD Rhetoric and Composition Not specified Not specified
University of Kansas Chemistry PhD TOEFL, MSc Not specified
University of Kentucky MSc Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering GRE Not specified
Purdue University, Fort Wayne M.A Professional Communication Not specified Not specified
Lehigh University PhD Bioengineering Not specified Not specified
Georgia State University MSc Statistics GRE, School Transcript Not specified
Washington State University MSc Horticultural Science Not specified Not specified
University of Tennessee, Knoxville PhD Mathematics No GRE, TOEFL, Full funding Not specified
Purdue University, West Lafayette PhD Medical Physics GRE Not specified
South Dakota State University PhD Nutrition and Exercise Science GRE (waived), WED Not specified
Purdue University, West Lafayette PhD Cell and Molecular Biology IELTS Not specified
American University, Kogod School of Business MS Accounting GRE, $20,000 scholarship, App fee waived Not specified
Ohio University PhD Communication Studies Fully Funded, Application fee required Not specified
SUNY Upstate Medical University PhD Biomedical Sciences (Bsc-PhD) No publication, No app fee, No GRE, No IELTS, WES After acceptance
Wayne State University Molecular Genetics and Genomics Fully funded, No GRE & English Test, App fee waived After starting the application
University of Delaware MS Human Nutrition GRE required, TOEFL waived, App fee waived $75 without waiver
Arizona State University PhD Materials Science and Engineering GRE (optional), No TOEFL, Application fee varies Fee waiver in some cases
University of Delaware PhD Art History Fully Funded, No App Fee, No Any Test Not specified
Ohio University MA Art History Fully Funded, No App Fee, No Any Test Not specified
Florida State University MA Art History Fully Funded, WES required, $30 App Fee Not specified
Kent State University MA Art History Fully Funded, No App Fee, No Any Test Not specified
Virginia Tech University Chemistry PhD Fully funded, GRE optional, App fee $75 No Tests
West Virginia University Chemistry PhD No Tests, App fee waived Good communication with the GC
University at Buffalo PhD Medicinal Chemistry TOEFL waived, GRE optional, App fee waived Cold emailed Prof
Baylor University MBA Fully funded, GRE required Not specified
Montana State University Various Programs (MSc/PhD) GRE waived, IELTS/DUOLINGO required, App Fee: $60 Not specified
University of Arkansas Little Rock MA Communication No GRE, App fee: $40, Scholarship $5k Not specified
Purdue University MA Communication No GRE, IELTS waived, Partial funding (GA) $75 or attend webinar to waive fee
Lehigh University PhD Physics No GRE, TOEFL, App fee $75 Not specified
University at Albany PhD Physics No GRE/TOEFL, App fee $75 Not specified
University of Utah PhD Physics No GRE, No TOEFL Not specified
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Various STRM courses Fully-funded PhD, No specified tests Not specified
University of Kentucky MA Foreign Languages (French/German) Fully funded, $75 app fee, Proof of English Not specified

How to Enjoy Fully Funded Scholarship Offers Above

Having read through the data above, i am sure you’re able to spot one or more American Universities with an offer that corresponds to your current qualification and future dreams. Why not submit an application today? Remember to click in the accompanying link in order to be successfully directed to the university Page!

Ensure you have the Appropriate Documents ready as at the time of submitting scholarship application as time waits for nobody!

How to Send these Scholarship Offers to Other people you know

Know someone with more keen interest in any of the offers above? Kindly use the share button to help them find these offers. Remember that not everyone has as much time and knowledge as possible to navigate the internet to find these juicy offers.

Sending these links to them would be a step towards helping them reach their academic goals as well as build the society for the better!

Wrapping up

These are more than 40 Different American Universities willing to pay you to study these courses, it is such a great offer as we’re sure this information will be helpful to someone out there, help them find it by sharing it with them today!

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