Canadian Universities that Accepts HND for an MSc Program

There are about 11 Canadian Universities that has in the past successfully admitted Graduates with Higher national Diploma (HND) into their master’s degree programs. These Canadian Universities that accepts HND for an MSc Program well as necessary things you must put in place before submitting an application is what we’ll be discussing on this post today!.

Why is this very Important for you?

If you’re determined to migrate to Canada as a master’s degree student, this is a post that deserves your utmost attention as it will not only help you save time, but also help you avoid wasting your finances submitting application to universities that might not be kind enough to give attention to your application.

After reading this post, you’re also going to be well informed on the necessary things to do to give yourself a much needed advantage against other applicants.

Interesting things you must Know About Canadian Admission

1. MSc Admission in Canada is very competitive

There is a certain level of competition for all admissions in Canada. International students also feel this since the universities would give preference to candidates with higher CGPA before paying attention to those with lower grades.


What this means is that if your CGPA is lower than a 2.1 the process might be a little tougher for you since your peers with higher grades might fill up the quota before it gets to you and others with certificates like the HND!

2. Just 100 Universities in Canada

Canada is a country with about 100 universities. This means there are not much institutions for the number of students trying ti get enrolled. Also worthy of note is the fact that majority of these universities do not have a Master’s degree program for your choice of course.

This is the one thing many travel agents might not reveal to you. But since you’re keen on schooling in Canada, Many would opt for Post graduate diploma or other professional courses instead.

3. Canadian Quota System

Aside the shortage of universities, there also exists the quota system. What this means is that there is a certain number of students that Universities in Canada must not admit beyond each year.

This limitation alone makes it even harder to admit even the most qualified candidates from around the globe.

Does Universities accept Higher National Diploma for MSc?

There is no definite answer to this question! The fact remains, there are about 11 Universities within Canada that offers admission to candidates with Higher National Diploma.

Because the process is often rigorous, most international students with Canada in their minds often opt for Advanced or Post graduate diplomas as a way of getting into the country but it is very important to ensure such Programs are run by Canadian Universities on the Designated Learning Institution List

For most universities, an admission into a Master’s degree program means applicant must’ve obtained a 4 years Bachelor’s degree before submitting an application and the grade is preferred to be above 2.2 This means your chances as a HND Holder becomes slimmer

If you have HND but likes to school in Canada for MSc, forget your certificate HND and opt for Post Graduate Diploma instead

Go to Canada via study program but do not hesitate on MSc. You can go with family. Just ensure the university is on the DLI list and yes, you can fly with family.

Things you Must do to get admitted by Canadian Universities that accepts HND for an MSc Program

Having learnt a few interesting facts about Admission into Canadian Master’s degree program, let us consider a few things you must do to get accepted by these Canadian Universities that accepts HND for an MSc Program. It is believed that with these things in place, your application stands a greater chances with the admission committee.

1. Build a research and publication Portfolio

Having a Higher national Diploma is more than a Limiting factor. This means the admission committee needs to be sure that you’ve been actively researching in your field and this you must show on your CV. Having an online portfolio about your research and publications is a much added advantage too.

2. Get a supervisor for research based masters

You’ll need to have a supervisor for your research based master’s program in Canada. This means you’ll find our earlier content on how to cold email a supervisor very useful. With this supervisor’s approval and acceptance of you, you can proceed to submit your application and hopefully receive a positive response.

3. Relevant work experience in the field

It is important to have a very strong work experience in your field of studies.

This means since i have a Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology, having a very strong 2 years work experience with a well known civil engineering company is a must and this must be backed by a Reference letter from your company stating your role, experience as well as years of experience with the company.

4. Apply to Lower ranked Universities

If you have obtained a Higher national Diploma and really determined to obtain an MSc from a Canadian University, limit your application with a lower ranked University.

This could be a university that does not receive much attention from applicants probably because of its location (Universities in colder cities rarely receive much applicants), class of people in its Alumni (everybody wants to school in Harvard, oxford, Cambridge, because a lot of great men studied there too).

So Universities less known will gladly consider you for an admission since they’ll also need to meet their quota!

5. Write some standardized tests

Sitting a standardized test is another way to prove you’re worthy of an admission in most Canadian schools especially if you hold a HND Certificate.

This is because exams like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc tests your abilities just beyond your current educational qualification. When these are attached to your application, your profile is given a boost especially when you obtained a very higher score!

6. Prepare your Documents

Documents like a statement of purpose (SOP), a great CV (Resume) and the quality of people writing reference letters for you also matters.

When you prepare these documents, pay more than usual attention and ensure only the prestigious from your alma Matar appends their signature on your reference letter. Since you hold a HND, Ensure the dean of your school, HOD and other prestigious figures from your faculty are the ones referencing you.

7. Evaluation of certificates

International Evaluation of your HND helps the admission committee understand what your HND stands in equivalence with in Canada. This means you need to subject your certificate to further evaluation and this must be done by international bodies like WES,IQAS, etc.

since we have listed a few things to give you much advantage, lets see a list of Canadian Universities that accepts your HND for MSc programs

11 Canadian Universities that accepts HND for an MSc Program

We’ll now have a list of Canadian Universities that will consider your Higher National Diploma for a Master’s degree program. These Universities are location within different Provinces in Canada, so you’re encouraged to research on the province to be sure you’re going to cope well!

University Province Application Link
York University Ontario
Brandon University Manitoba
Crandall University New Brunswick
Royal Roads University British Columbia
Thompson Rivers University British Columbia
Bishop’s University Quebec
University of Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island
University of Canada West British Columbia
Saint Mary’s University Nova Scotia
University of Regina Saskatchewan
Mount Saint Vincent University Nova Scotia
Memorial University of Newfoundland Newfoundland

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