Walk Home with $2500 from “No Sweat Scholarship” 2024

If you’re looking for a scholarship where you’re allowed to use the cash prize for whatever educational needs you may have, then No sweat Scholarship is what you’re looking for!

No Sweat Scholarship portal is open once again for the 2024 season and this time, the deadline for submission of applications is January 1, 2024.

How to Apply for No sweat Scholarship

Interested Applicants are encouraged to create an account at the Cirkledin portal, complete a profile and tell a very great story about themselves.

cirkledin portal

Remember you can begin the process by logging in via your Google Account or simply signing in if you’re already a student

Remember, No swear scholarship requires no GPA nor does it has a minimum income requirements for its applicants.

Who can apply for No sweat 2024 Scholarship?

In order to be eligible for the 2024 edition of this great scholarship, applicant must:

1. Be 13 Years or older.

2. Be residing in the United States as a Resident: Even children of foreigners who are legal residents of the United states are eligible too!

3. Must be fully enrolled in 8 – 12th grade. Candidates who are homeschooled are qualified as well.

No sweat Scholarship Application Process

No seat scholarship is known to be one of the easiest in the land.

There are basically 2 steps involved to becoming the next No sweat scholar.

First is to register by creating an account and Portfolio

the second step in the process is to earn as many points as possible!

Candidates are reminded that this scholarship program is totally point based which offers candidates with a more completed portfolio more points.

Profile Completeness is also an added advantage.

After these, the candidate with most points is considered as the winner.

Remember it takes more than being a student to be the winner.

I am sure you’d love to join the leagues of Jacob Warner, Jack McClain and Mandy Christy who are the previous winners

Please remember to consult the presiding rules at Cirkledin Website!

Apply for No sweat Scholarship here Today

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