9 Companies that offer Study abroad Loan in Nigeria

Because the economic situation in Nigeria keeps getting messier, it has become somewhat difficult for students with the intentions of schooling abroad to be able to source their finances.

This is adding to the fact that the forex exchange keeps dipping by the day as the currencies keeps losing its value against the Dollar, Pounds, Canadian Dollars, etc.

For the above reasons, many student have decided to sort the help of loan companies in order to secure some load to enable them pursue their educational dreams abroad.

In Nigeria, there exists a few known reliable student financing companies. Even when they’re known, their terms and rules are often so hard, thus, not allowing a student find a space in!

Companies that offer Study abroad Loan in Nigeria

Here on this post is a list of 9 Most reliable Study loan companies.

We believe this list will go a long way in offering you extensive list of options to try your luck.

College Avenue Loan

MOD Education

Lendkey Loan

Global Student Loan Community


J.G Wentworth

Asset Link Capital

Education loan finance

Prodigy Finance

These study loan companies will help you cover your study expenses while you pay up as you study or after you get a job as a graduate.

Warning – Remember these institutions are like the fingers that are feeding your educational life the food it needs to run. Please ensure you do everything to encourage them by paying up your loan cos if benefactors before you chose to bite these companies, there would not be anything left to offer you.

Before You go…

Study loan companies are hard to find and the absence of these companies in most societies has made it more than difficult for potential international students to remain stuck in their financial situations, admissions have been lost and dreams shattered!

A list of 9 international study loan companies we believe is enough to get you going as we’re sure you’ll surely find the financial help you need to scale through in your pursuits!


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