Without TOEFL/IELTS You can secure Full Funding from these 25 American Universities

Finance is a very important aspect of all Education, we study to improve our lives, to help us become a better individual in the society where we find ourselves and also help make this surroundings and lives better!

However, one of the many things that could cut this short is the inability to secure as much funds as necessary to help one complete his or her education successfully.

Aside this, a lot of International students while struggling to enroll and attain the right score in entry examinations like TOEFL and IELTS, end up not being able to meet up with the deadlines for these scholarships.

This is why we’re helping you with a list of 127 American universities that offer fully funded scholarship even when you have no IELTS, TOEFL.

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25 American Universities with TOEFL/IELTS Waiver

In the list below are 25 American Universities with Waivers for TOEFL and IELTS. Please see the accompanying notes below the section for more information.

Also note that the link attached takes you to the graduate assistantship/scholarship program page where you could apply for assistantship or gain useful information about it!

1. Alaska Pacific University

2. American University

3. Arizona State University

4. Ball State University

5. Baylor University

6. Boise State University

7. Boston College

8. Boston University

9. California Baptist University

10. California State University, Fullerton

11. Central Connecticut State University

12. Clayton State University

13. Clemson University

14. Columbia University in the City of New York

15. Dartmouth College

16. East Tennessee State University

17. Eastern Illinois University

18. Eastern Kentucky University

19. Florida Atlantic University

20. Florida Institute of Technology

21. Florida International University

22. Florida State University

23. Fordham University

24. Georgetown University

25. Georgia Institute of Technology

Important things to Note about the 25 Universities above

Applying to these schools implies you do not have to worry about the English proficiency requirement, and you have a high chance of receiving a scholarship (funding) offer.

These schools are arranged in an alphabetical order.

Refer to attached web links of the institutions for confirmation.

Scholarships in the United States are mostly in forms of Fellowships, Teaching, Research, and Administrative Assistantships, and are not automatic in all schools. Some institutions require you apply for it after getting admission.

If you request for it, most of these schools offer application fee waivers, meaning you can apply without paying (if granted an application fee waiver).

A university may waive English proficiency requirements, but your program of interest may insist you have IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo test scores. Be sure to double-check with your program.

Getting an English proficiency waiver is good, but if you can afford it, take the English test to boost your chances. I got 6 fully-funded offers from 5 US universities without TOEFL/IELTS, you too can.


It is one thing to know the right university that has your interest as an international student, it is yet another thing to finally discover the institution is willing to offer more than just funding or Assistantship but also willing to make your entry easier by waiving TOEFL and IELTS For you!

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