Fun things to do in Museum of Death Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its glitz and glamour, but it also has a darker side that is explored at the Museum of Death. If you have a morbid curiosity or a fascination with the macabre, this museum is a must-visit. In this guide, we will delve into the eerie and intriguing world of the Museum of Death in Los Angeles, including its location, the closest airport, and the unsettling yet captivating things you can experience within its walls.

Location of Museum of Death

The Museum of Death is located at: 6031 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States

Closest Airport to Museum of Death Los Angeles

The closest major airport to the Museum of Death is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is approximately 18 miles southwest of the museum. From LAX, you can easily access the museum by car or public transportation.

Fun things to do in Museum of Death Los Angeles

We’ll explore a list of fun things visitors often enjoy whenever they land at Museum of Death. I mean, i had these great experiences too and so it is just nice for those planning a visit to know what to expect!

  1. A Chilling Collection: The museum boasts an extensive collection of exhibits related to death, including serial killer memorabilia, crime scene photographs, and artwork inspired by mortality. It’s not for the faint of heart, so be prepared to confront the darker aspects of human existence.
  2. Serial Killers and Notorious Criminals: One of the most infamous sections of the museum is dedicated to serial killers and notorious criminals. You can see personal belongings, letters, and artwork created by some of history’s most infamous individuals, such as Charles Manson and Richard Ramirez.
  3. Autopsy Room: For those with a strong stomach, the museum offers a replica autopsy room with real autopsy instruments and photos of actual autopsies. This immersive experience provides a glimpse into the forensic world.
  4. Morbid Art: The Museum of Death features a gallery of morbid and provocative artwork that explores themes of mortality, decay, and the afterlife. It’s a thought-provoking and unsettling display of human creativity.
  5. The Manson Family Exhibit: This exhibit delves into the gruesome crimes committed by Charles Manson and his followers. It includes crime scene photos, letters, and artifacts connected to the notorious Manson Family.
  6. Celebrity Deaths: The museum also explores the lives and deaths of famous individuals, including Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, and John F. Kennedy, with exhibits and memorabilia dedicated to their untimely demises.

Conclusion: Fun things to do in Museum of Death Los Angeles

The Museum of Death in Los Angeles is not your typical museum experience. It offers a chilling and thought-provoking journey into the darker aspects of human history and mortality. While it may not be suitable for everyone, those with a morbid curiosity or an interest in true crime will find it both eerie and captivating. So, if you’re up for an unforgettable and unsettling adventure, the Museum of Death in Los Angeles is waiting to share its macabre treasures with you. Just be prepared to leave with a deeper appreciation for the mysteries and complexities of life and death.

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