11 Most Recent Scholarship for International Students in USA 2022- 2023

They are some scholarships available for international students in USA (United States of America).

The most popular study fields are Psychology, Business administration, International relations, Design, education, etc.

You can check the following information about the 11 most recent scholarships for international students in USA 2022- 2023 to get more information about their selection criteria and application process.

Fulbright Scholarships USA

The Fulbright Program was established by Congress in 1946 to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries through educational exchange.

The program operates in over 160 countries worldwide, provides approximately 8,000 grants annually, and sends over 1,000 U.S. citizens abroad each year as Fulbright Scholars or Fulbright Senior Scholars.

Stanford University Scholarships

Scholarships that cover tuition and living expenses are worth a lot here. Stanford will award $175 million to undergraduates from around the world by next year.

These awards are need-based. Nearly 40 percent of incoming freshmen receive financial aid packages covering at least half their tuition charges.

This is also an excellent university to study at if you wish to obtain an MBA with no student debt.

University of New Haven Scholarship

The University of New Haven is awarding up to eight scholarships to qualified, academically outstanding freshmen who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree at UNH.

The selection process will be based on SAT/ACT scores, high school GPA, and an essay response regarding your community service activities, leadership abilities, and financial need.

Yale University Scholarships USA

The Yale Scholarship Program is a need-based program that provides financial assistance to outstanding men and women from countries outside of North America.

The program awards up to 10 scholarships per year, with each providing $20,000 annually (in addition to a study abroad or research component) for undergraduate studies at Yale. There are no application fees.

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AAUW International Fellowship Program

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a volunteer organization dedicated to advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

The AAUW offers many fellowships each year to support women’s access to higher education.

University of Memphis Scholarships

This is a merit-based scholarship which means you will be judged on your own achievements, skills, and potential rather than financial circumstances.

In order to apply for a University of Memphis Scholarship, candidates must first be considered as a candidate for admission by their chosen university and have applied through UCAS.

Scholarships are then awarded based on academic excellence, leadership potential, and community involvement.

Onsi Sawiris Scholarship

Each year, Onsi Sawiris awards approximately fifty scholarships of $10,000 to young Egyptian students.

These scholarships cover full tuition and provide a monthly stipend. The program also includes an internship at one of Onsi Sawiris’ companies. Applicants must be under 30 years old, have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, have studied English for two or more years, and demonstrate financial need as well as academic achievement.

Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

The Rotary Peace Fellowship Program is a two-year graduate program jointly sponsored by Brown University and The Rotary Foundation.

The program was initiated by alumnus Raymond F. Mungo, Jr., in ’56, to promote world peace through conflict resolution studies and action.

University of Minnesota Fellowship

Every year The University of Minnesota creates scholarships to recruit some of the world’s brightest minds.

Graduate Student Researchers who wish to study at The University of Minnesota will be able to access Master Fellowship, which is a fellowship that does not require tuition or stipend from MSRI.

ACI Foundation Scholarship

The ACI Foundation encourages applications from individual students or from groups of student applying together.

Preference is given to students with financial needs. Applicants must be enrolled as full-time students at an accredited U.S college or university by September 30th prior to enrollment date of the program.

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Clark Global Scholarship Program

The Clark Global Scholarship Program provides $10,000 scholarships to eligible candidates who are committed to advancing global business.

This is a merit-based program and thus candidates will be evaluated on academic records and extracurricular activities.

The program is open for entry every year. This is one of those scholarship opportunities designed exclusively for people interested in pursuing global careers through a Bachelors, Master or Ph.D. level degree in an accredited US university.

While there are many ways to study abroad, taking advantage of an international scholarship or grant can help make higher education more affordable.

These awards come from a variety of sources and include merit-, need-, and talent-based scholarships.

You might also be eligible for a number of awards based on other criteria as well, including sexual orientation or gender identity.

Each award comes with different requirements, so it’s important to research these ahead of time.

WE hope this article has helped you discover the 11 Most Recent scholarships for international students in USA 2022-2023.

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